Belle, the Five Day Foster

BELLE WAS ADOPTED TODAY! It was a fast five days with our very first foster dog.

What we learned in 5 days about our foster:

  • Who she sees as leaders: “I’m going to attach myself to your shadow wherever you walk. Yep, you go, I follow. What do you MEAN I can’t go in the bathroom with you? Nooooooo!”
  • How she’s willing to learn faster if food is involved: “Play play play. Play. Bowl of food? For me? I’ll sit.”
  • How she needs consistent training: “I like the way my leash tastes. No, not yours. My leash. I want to eat my leash. Maybe you can have it…no, just kidding. My leash is yum.”
  • How puppy energy doesn’t drain as quickly as adult dog energy: “We just went for a two and a half mile walk in the hot, hot sun! YAAAY! Now what, huh? Huh?”

And, we hear our second foster is already on a car ride from Southern California, headed our way. We should have her on Sunday or Monday!

We are so happy for Belle, who now has a forever family and acreage to call her own!