Leilani and the Whatzit

Along with their dog food, we’ve always given our forever furries carrots for snacks. They love them and chomp away at ’em, but our fosters have not known what to do with them. Leilani is no exception, but instead of leaving it be, she just walks around with the carrot in her mouth. The other dogs try to take it from her and she’ll duck her head and walk the other way. She’ll put it down and lay next to it and as soon as another dog gets too close, she picks it back up and is on her way. Got some pics of it yesterday. She sure is a cutie.

Meet Foster Dog #4: Leilani Lulu

Leilani was pulled from a high kill shelter in California the day she was scheduled for euthanasia. The amazing rescue chain got to work, placing her with a loving foster in California and then arranging transport to Oregon.

She is a spayed, docked-tail Rottie, less than a year old. This girl loves to get pet and will push herself into you to reap maximum pet potential. She’s got puppy energy and is a more dominant personality with our two forever dogs. This one has a mind to be an alpha and will need an owner who is consistent and firm, probably not a dog for a first time dog owner.

Lei has some separation anxiety issues which we hope to address with more walks that drain the energy. Unfortunately, Oregon’s doom and gloom weather isn’t conducive to a lot of outdoor activity. We have a treadmill for backup if we need it. We managed about a 2 mile walk today and she does fairly well on leash, tends to pull to the side. She also wanted to charge a cat, but ignored a small dog who was within a foot of her.

Lei is just fine with our toddler and currently wants to follow us from room to room. Her previous foster in California pointed out that she had a heart shape on her rear end, and it really is pretty cute. yrc7e75NlJejRFHaC-U4HwPzzFW8-VrgzehJ4uv5ljU

Louie Lightfoot Goes Home

Lightfoot has gone home with his forever mama and is now called Louie. 🙂 What an adventure we had with him, from receiving him on a day’s notice, having him run away the day after his arrival, and then welcoming him back when a wonderful lady found him in her backyard five days later. The days we had with him after that were mellow, practicing “sit” before eating, going out, and coming in. We stuck to our routine to provide stability and by the time he left with his forever mom, his tail was wagging more than we’d seen it before.

Things learned:

  • Put a dog tag on the foster shortly after he arrives, even if he has a microchip.
  • Go over closing outer doors quickly with all children and teens of the house. Repeat.
  • If possible, have pet gate installed for additional security so foster can’t slip out.
  • Feeding three dogs when one isn’t trained to sit and wait is tricky and more easily done with two people.
  • Consistency pays off. We have a strict no-dog-on-human-furniture rule. Louie tested it about 3 or 4 times by jumping on our couches and we were always quick to get him off in no uncertain terms. He stopped trying–at least when we were in the room.

When Louie was lost, an amazing network of friends shared his fliers and offered help. The rescue group mobilized and went out searching for him in different areas.The woman who found him kept him safe until he could be reunited with us.

One of my favorite parts was seeing the connection between Louie and his adoptive parents, especially with his mom. He met her a couple of times before she came to bring him home. That day, he obviously recognized her and not only was he happy to see her, he was also ready to trust her and follow her out the door. I’d not gotten to meet the people who adopted our two previous fosters and was so pleased to see the circle completed for Louie. I have no doubt he is exactly where he belongs and it makes my heart smile.

I am so thankful for all the energy that came together to send this boy home.


Louie and his person


No more foster dog. That furry is going home!

Lightfoot: ADOPTED!

Our foster dog Lightfoot will soon embark upon his greatest adventure: his new life with his forever family!

His new mom and dad recently lost their dog of 7+ years and couldn’t have their lives without a four-legged friend. They came to meet Lightfoot last night and then did a home visit at their house today. Because they’re heading out of town for a bit, he’s staying with us until Saturday. We don’t mind a bit.

I’ll raise my glass tonight to a wonderful future for this guy. He has been too long between fosters and boarding kennels. I can’t wait for him to feel that a place is his own. Every dog deserves that. YAAAAY LIGHTFOOT! Cheers, friends.

Lightfoot & my girl. He looks deceptively small here--he's actually a big guy.

Lightfoot & my girl sharing a moment. He looks deceptively small here–all 80+ pounds of him.

Autumn morning walk and a kiddie pool, too!

sfDP6rK8LdnIw02QYlBnyovNSV1AY8vlR_WRk4WehXMBest craigslist buy in a while. We should’ve had this in place before our first foster arrived. Better late than never, though, no? Sure, certain dogs could still make their way over, but without a running start, it would take some time! Am thankful for the peace of mind it provides. We’re not letting another one slip past us!

This morning we took our first walk since Lightfoot’s been found. He is scared of busy roads and loud cars, but otherwise did well. I’m glad he’s not a puller, because he’s got a lot of mass to him.


Afterwards, I filled up the kiddie pool and the dogs drank like there was no tomorrow. Lightfoot decided he liked it better with all four paws inside. 🙂aZ1ZvA-J_8kepIBvpkWUBqozPPEHHaDuX9ApzEAtgpg



Pooped from a full morning.