Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

Versatile Blogger AwardYAY! Someone reads my blog! Hehehe. I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Vickyandherstaffies. Thank you, Vicky!

This particular award comes with guidelines for nominees:

A) Show the award on your blog.
B) Thank the person who nominated you.
C) Share seven facts about yourself.
D) Nominate 15 blogs
E) Link your nominee’s blogs & let them know.

Okay! What 7 tidbits about me can float about in cyberspace? Let’s see.

1. If it doesn’t serve a practical purpose, I probably don’t want it.
2. Musky, second-hand book wins over screen reader any day.
3. My best friend and I once managed to accidentally get on a wrong plane and land in the wrong place.
4. I’m a confident introvert who has issues with insecure extroverts.
5. One day I’m going to ride a Clydesdale.
6. Cesar Millan is one of my heroes.
7. If I had a superpower, it would be to speak every possible language fluently.

I don’t think there are quite 15 blogs that I keep up with regularly, but here are the ones I enjoy and nominate for the award!

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Smart GSD, Amateur Owner

To Mason’s ex-people

I had the privilege to take care of the nine-month-old Rottweiler/Shepard puppy you gave up to the high-kill shelter in Southern California. He was dubbed “Mason” and transported to Eugene, Oregon, where we fostered him for a week.RhS0BlpOx-AwHOZ1vksEApT34JhxOxv6wIZTK6M682A

Mason had a hacking cough when he came to us. He freely jumped on people, didn’t know any commands. He had no idea of boundaries with other dogs and had a stealthy knack for taking objects and chewing them very quietly. Typical puppy in a big, lanky body. We put him on antibiotics for his hacking, started teaching him where he was not allowed, and we made him sit for everything.

083b6lo2n1TUm3Nc9C5W5xxJf1Tvf4XVh9gPaG8oEOMWhile his puppy antics could be tiresome, Mason showed qualities of a great dog from the beginning. He loved being pet: absolutely loved having his face caressed. He had no problems with us checking his ears and touching his paws, and showed no food aggression during any feed times. On leash, he was calm and alert, and with a pack added, he lowered his head and focused even better. He stayed calm around our kids and slept in his crate without a peep.

There is no way I could or would judge you for bringing a dog to a shelter, because I know there are all sorts of reasons why people do so. We had to rehome one of our dogs years ago when we had no idea what we were doing as dog owners. I still feel guilty for that, but it is done and we will not make the same mistakes again. I wish you knew this:

TBgiF1dqoKoo4EE7hirYuS6IOJn6f0NOkFfRm3vQVBEToday Mason found his forever home, and he couldn’t have gone to a better family. They had lost their lab mix of 11 years to cancer recently, and they were looking for another dog to share their lives with. They’d seen Mason’s picture online and fell in love with him. When I brought Mason to meet them today, I had only good vibes. They were smitten with him from the beginning, and he was so excited to meet them. They have a little boy and girl, and a cat at home. They asked lots of questions to learn as much about him as possible, and they were loving on him the whole time. He was in heaven.

Mason was one of my fosters that I had a harder time saying goodbye to because he was one I’d keep if I had the time to give him. He didn’t look twice when I left because he was gazing lovingly at his new family who was petting him all over. If it has to hurt, then this is the best kind of hurt, because it is tempered by nothing but happiness.

The dog that you brought in was not put down. He’s sporting a colorful new leash and he’s now part of a doting, forever family.