About Me

Me and my furries, Lola and Frieda

Me and my furries, Lola and Frieda

I’m a full-time working wife, stepmom, bio-mom, and person of two forever furries adding one more hat: foster dog mom.

Before donning the mom hats, I was a quiet traveler, happiest on foot, on my own. I studied abroad for a year in Japan my last year of undergraduate school, then spent another year teaching English in Mexico after completing my Master’s degree.

My fur family consists of Lola, a submissive, black Lab mix we adopted as a puppy from our neighbor, and Frieda, an alpha, Rottweiler/Lab mix we adopted as an adult dog from the shelter. In mid-2014, we decided to open a spot for a third dog, a temporary dog, who we can help along its way to its own forever family.

With work, kids, and dogs, it’s harder to leave in search of adventures. This way adventure comes to us, four furry legs at a time.

Are you part of a dog foster family? Please share your experiences!



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  1. We don’t qualify as a foster family however, we did adopt a wonderful Shepherd/Rotti X with a lot of issues. After almost 2 years of work he has made huge progress and is a distinct part of our family. Like you, we lost a lot of freedom (severe separation anxiety) however we gained a wonderful 75lbs of fur on four legs! It was worth it!

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